Twerk Tutorial Volume 1 – A Tale of Two Twerkers. The Original and Best Twerking Instructional. Fundamentals of Twerking Explained Step-By-Step in an Action Packed 1 HOUR DVD. Stay Current With These Must Know Dance Moves: Doggy Twerk, Da Dirty Booty, Wall Twerk, Thigh Clap, Butterflap Twerk, Hand Placements. (1, – Twerk Tutorial DVD)

These step-by-step moves will allow you to show off in front of all your friends at that next party or freestyle circle. Our tutorials will transform you from an observer to a performer. Become the envy at clubs, night clubs, social gatherings, weddings, & more. Features: -Standing Twerks -Ground Twerks -Wall Twerks -Style Tips -Freestyles -Vibration Twerks Don’t waste your time on the countless videos online. Learn how to do the moves CORRECTLY.’s ALL-NEW Twerk Tutorial Volume 1 specifically caters to the beginner, breaking down the moves into a simple and easy step-by-step process maximizing your ability to learn the moves. So hurry up and order now before your next social event. These DVDs are selling fast and you

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