The Outer Limits (The New Series) – Sex & Science Fiction

Caught in the Act:Hannah Valesic (Alyssa Milano) has a killer body…literally! When the formerly chaste beauty is taken over by a sinister force, her appetite for men becomes insatiable ? and murderous! Can her loving boyfriend put an end to her killing spree?Bits of Love:Earth’s sole survivor, artist Aiden Hunter (Jon Tenney), has created a beautiful hologram, Emma (Natasha Henstridge), for companionship. But when Emma expresses an urgent desire for a baby, will she sever his cord to reality?Valerie 23:Can a little jealously be a good thing? Not for Rachel Rose (Nancy Allen), a physical therapist whose life is threatened when she comes between her paraplegic patient and his amorous robotic companion who is programmed to remove any

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