The Adventures of Justine – Complete Set

This is the complete collection of all seven of Justine’s archeological adventures with Professor Robson around the world. “In the Heat of Passion” – Justine daydreams about her Professor Robson. Her dream comes true, when she gets to accompany him on archeological adventures. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – Justine is kidnapped to become a sex slave, but is rescued by Professor Robson–only to awake and find out it was all a dream. “Object of Desire” – Justine searches for an exotic jewel amidst murder plots and foreign intrigue. “Exotic Liaison” – Justine rescues Professor Robson from gold smugglers trying to steal Incan artifacts. “Crazy Love” – Justine and Professor Robson evade ex-KGB agents, who have followed them back from Russia. “A

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