Short 5 – Diversity

The “diversity” in this edition of Short refers to ethnic diversity, not a diverse array of films on view. Unfortunately, this batch isn’t nearly as compelling as the previous DVDs in the series. Of the six shorts presented, the most intriguing are “Buy My Film,” a 1995 mixed-media contribution from director John Schnall, and Saving Private Ryan actor Vin Diesel’s “Multi-Facial” are the most intriguing, clever, and palatable of the lot, though Diesel’s extra goodies–six interviews and a bit called “Vin Works on Iron Giant”–reek of commercialism and self-promotion. As is the case with all the Short editions, the Sound Bit section, here with jazz cellist Erik Friedlander, is a must-watch. But Short¬†5 is also plagued by the spate of

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