Rev. Roderick P. McArthur speaks on Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22:1-19

Rev. Roderick McArthur sings at the Mount Gilead Baptist Church in Bronx NY with the Senior Choir of Mt. Gilead. How I Got Over by Sister Sallie Mae Evans and the Senior Choir of Mount Gilead Baptist Church. With Gospel Selections by Deaconess Arthurine White, Deacon Kim Williams, Deacon Joseph Newman, Sister Sallie Mae Evans, Sister Carlitta Jackson, Sister Josephine Gore, Sister Brenda Newman and the Senior Choir of Mount Gilead. Organist: Brother Al Stewart. Drummer: Brother Derek Mills.
Mount Gilead Baptist Church is located at 1682 Morris Avenue, Bronx NY 10457 on the corner of 173rd Street, and near to the 174-175 Street Station on the D Train. Help for invalids needing transportation the church may be obtained by calling

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