Rent a Girl / Aroused / Help Wanted Female (Something Weird)

Enter the Bizarre World of the Psycho-Sexual! Eager for a career in modeling, naive-and-not-very-bright Karen Anderson signs with a creepy brother and sister team whose Rent-a-Girl agency actually procures women for a rich and kinky clientele. Starting with posing for pictures in the nude, Karen soon graduates to being The Guest of Honor at a Special Party thrown by wealthy Harriet Grant, “a disgusting lady who enjoys whipping little girls 18 to 22.” Full of sick eccentrics, the party’s highlight comes when two women beat the bejesus out of Harriet before Karen is blindfolded and branded on the leg with a red hot poker! Plus: A “Sex Killer” prowls the streets of Manhattan killing hookers: “This guy is a nut! He’ll grab any woman he thinks

Sale Price:$7.57

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