Mobile Suit Gundam – Char’s Counterattack (Feature)

The fourth Gundam feature (1988) takes place 14 years after the third and continues the rivalry between Earth Federation mecha pilot Amuro Ray and Char Aznable, now ruler of the space realm of Neo-Zeon. Char so hates the Earth, he plans to bombard the planet with asteroids, causing a deadly nuclear winter. Although the corrupt Earth Federation commands vastly superior resources, all that really stands in Char’s way is Amuro and his Nu Gundam Mobile Suit. Writer-director Yoshiyuki Tomino continues the story of the Newtypes, humans who possess psychic powers. The latest possessor of these abilities is Quess Paraya, an obnoxious teenager who whines and fusses until she’s finally killed. Char’s Counterattack is essentially a two-hour space

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