Mike Tyson Mysteries: The Complete Second Season

In season two of the animated adult comedy series MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES, the team is back for more mystery solving. Mike Tyson (voiced by series star MIKE TYSON), once the “baddest man on the planet,” remains hell-bent on becoming the “goodest man on the planet”…one mystery at a time! But he can’t do it alone. Enter the best mystery-solving team in the business: There’s Yung Hee, Mike’s adopted Korean daughter (voiced by RACHEL RAMRAS); all-around buzzkill Pigeon (voiced by NORM MacDONALD), a filthy, disgusting man trapped in the body of a filthy, disgusting bird; and Marquess (voiced by JIM RASH), the ghost whose sole mission is to keep Mike on the path to redemption. His other sole mission: finding a Pinot Grigio that’s bold but has

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