Midnight Movie Madness – 50 Movie MegaPack – DVD+Digital

There s madness in the air with this outrageous bevvy of bizarre B-movie delights. It s shock, schlock, gore and more with 50 maniacal movies that will leave you laughing, crying and screaming with joy. It s a star-studded treasure trove of cinematic oddities perfect for film buffs who think they ve seen it all, but they ain t seen nothin yet. Featuring Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Anthony Perkins, William Shatner, Roger Moore, Jack Nicholson, John Carradine, Karen Black, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Harrison, John Candy, Mark Hamill and many more! CONTENTS: Abraxas – Guardian Of The Universe (1990) 90 Min. Act Of Love (1980) 100 Min. Beyond Obsession (1982) 116 Min. Blood Thirst (1971) 74 Min. Bloody Pit Of Horror (1965) 74 Min.

Sale Price:$9.79

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