Michael Douglas Triple Feature (Fatal Attraction / Disclosure / A Perfect Murder) [Blu-ray]

Michael Douglas: Triple Feature (BD) (Fatal Atttraction, Disclosure, A Perfect Murder)FATAL ATTRACTION Stylish and sexy, Fatal Attraction took audiences to terrifying new heights with its thrilling story of a casual encounter gone terribly awry. This box office smash stars Michael Douglas as Dan Gallagher, a New York attorney who has a tryst with seductive Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) while his wife(Anne Archer) is away. Dan shrugs off the affair and considers it over. But Alex won’t be ignored. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever… even if it means destroying Dan’s family to keep him. DISCLOSURE His career. His marriage. His future. It’s all on the line for DigiCom executive Tom Sanders (Michael Douglas). After rejecting the advances of his

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