Mad Scientist Theatre – 50 Movie MegaPack – DVD+Digital

Embark on an experiment in terror as sinister scientists work their mad magic in this outrageous collection of sci-fi/horror classics.  From inventions of evil to reanimations run amok, these 50 laboratory creations will haunt your dreams and steal your soul. Featuring Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Paul Naschy, Jack Palance, John Barrymore, Robert Vaughn, Rock Hudson and many more! CONTENTS: Atom Age Vampire (1960) 87 Min. Counterblast (1948) 90 Min. Crimson (1973) 93 Min. Dead Men Walk (1943) 64 Min. Death Warmed Up (1984) 85 Min. Don’t Look In The Basement (1973) 89 Min. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1920) 67 Min. Embryo (1976) 104 Min. Frankenstein ’80 (1972) 85 Min. Frozen Alive (1964) 75 Min. Horror Express (1972) 90 Min. House Of The

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