Last Holiday (2006)

Last Holiday (2006) (DVD)Enjoy Yourself … It’s Later Than You Think! It’s advice to follow for sh y New Orleans cookware salesclerk Georgia Byrd (Oscar® nomin ee* Queen L atifah) when her doctor informs her that she has less than a month to li ve. With news like that, it’s time to give your life a serious makeover ! So Georgia jets off on a dream vacation to live life like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy hearty laughs and ro llicking comedic misadventures whe n Georgia shakes up a glamorous European resort spa while enthusiastical ly embracing a new look … new moves … and a new attitude! LL Cool J is the handsome suitor back home who’s not about to let Georgia slip away. And Timothy H utton, Gerard Depardieu, Alicia Witt and Giancarlo

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