I Robot In Space (aka.- Little Lost Robot by Isaac Asimov ) and World Of Giants (Epsisode Special Agent is inspired by The Incredible Shrinking Man ) Classic Science Fiction Television. Bonus Movie -Warning From Space

I Robot In Space (aka.- Little Lost Robot)-1962- black and white-52 minutes- This is an episode of a rare science fiction anthology series called Out of This World. Introduced by horror legend Boris Karloff, this episode from a story by Isaac Asimov, tells of a space station trying to determine which of their 21 robots is the one that has had the first law of robot dynamics altered. To do so, they employ the help of a robot psychologist, Dr. Susan Calvin. World Of Giants-1959- black and white- 25 minutes. In this episode entitled Special Agent of this TV series inspired by The Incredible Shrinking Man, we are introduced to Mel Hunter, a man who has shrunk to 6 inches in height. With the help of his friend Bill Winters, Mel uses his

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