Harlequin Collector’s Set V.1

A CHANGE OF PLACE Identical twins Domenique and Kimberly Jamison (Andrea Roth, TV’s Rescue Me) share stunning good looks, but lead opposite lives. When Domenique, a model for Paris’s famous House of Duroche asks Kimberly, a PhD student, to take her place for a month, Kimberly leaves the library behind for the elite world of high-end fashion. There, she learns her sister was the center of a secretive scandal–Duroche’s Philippe de Claremont (Rick Springfield, TV’s General Hospital) has long suspected Domenique of stealing designs. When Philippe notices a change in “Domenique,” his plans to expose her turn into plans to steal her heart…and as Kimberly’s feelings for Philippe strengthen, she must decide whether to come clean and reveal her

Sale Price:$3.63

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