Father Hood & Life With Mikey – Blu-ray Double Feature

Father Hood – Screen superstar Patrick Swayze (Ghost, Dirty Dancing) plays Jack Charles, a small-time hood whose life is forever changed when he’s reunited with the children he abandoned. Reluctant at first, Jack is unavoidably drawn back to the role of being a father and all its rewards. But when the authorities try to return the kids to the abusive foster care institution where they were held, Jack is forced to take them on the run in a harrowing cross-country chase! Filled with action, adventure and heartwarming moments,FATHER HOOD is Patrick Swayze at his best. Life With Mikey – Hollywood favorite Michael J. Fox (Stuart Little, Back To The Future Trilogy) is at his best in this hilarious comedy about showbiz after the curtain falls.

Sale Price:$1.49

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