Evil Hauntings: The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm / Ghost Adventures / Ghost Encounters: The Queen Mary / Ghost Stories: Walking with the Dead / Andrea Perron Interview House of Darkness House of Light

Ghosts, ghosts and more ghosts haunt this creepy collection of unsettling investigations into the paranormal. The five films brought together here are filled with lingering spirits, haunted places and unexplainable events. Includes House of Darkness House of Light based on the tell-all book by Andrea Perron that followed up on the blockbuster The Conjuring. The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm Herb Baumeister lived with his family in Westfield, Indiana, on 18 secluded acres called Fox Hollow Farm. He was an affable man, popular in the community and the farthest thing from a serial killer…or so everyone thought. Now, with a group of paranormal experts on the case, Fox Hollow Farm’s haunting past will be exposed once and for all, as the

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