Dexter’s Laboratory – Ego Trip [VHS]

Dexter?s Laboratory Ego Trip Boy genius Dexter is beside himself-literally ? as he launches into a history-warping, gadget-filled mission to save the future in this Dex-tremely thrilling animated special! The time-hopping action commences as Dexter journeys into the far future to retrieve his all-powerful Neuroatomic Proto-Core. Stolen by arch-enemy Mandark, Dexter?s prized Proto-Core is being used to dumb down the entire planet ? leaving the vile Mandark in charge! Fortunately, time sis one Dexter?s side, in the form of three future Dexters: Dexter the work-wimp, Dexter the geezer, and Dexter the muscle-bound hero! So join the quest to save the future as we know it, in the most Dex-tacular, Dex-citing, Dex-tra cool adventure ever to

Sale Price:$39.95

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