Crunch – Pick Your Spot Pilates

3 Targeted 10-Minute Workouts For Your: BELLY – BUTT THIGHS. Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness! Change your body in 10 minutes? It is possible. Pick Your Spot Pilates targets your favorite body parts to train: the belly, butt and thighs, with three l0-minute workouts. We’ve made every minute count with classic Pilates mat exercises to tone, firm, and re-shape your body. Gentle yet challenging, and easy-to-follow, Pilates focuses on precise breathing techniques to get in touch with your body’s core so you can sculpt without bulk, creating sleek abs, leaner legs, and a bikini butt. Do one program at a time or all three in a row. These mini- workouts are completely self-contained including a warm- up, a fabulous workout, and cool-down all in 10

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