Carol + 2: The Original Queens of Comedy (DVD)

CAROL BURNETT TV SPECIALS — WITH LUCILLE BALL & ZERO MOSTEL!Carol Burnett was born ready for prime time, but the last major step before The Carol Burnett Show began its incredible run in 1967 occurred a year earlier. CBS promised Burnett her own special, provided she could deliver a major star for the show. She phoned Lucille Ball and the rest is history. CAROL + 2 aired in 1966, uniting two zany redheads with the always unpredictable Broadway dynamo Zero Mostel for an hour of comedy and song. From Carol’s familiar earlobe-tug gesture to comic sketches and musical numbers and a rousing finale, you’ll get a clear snapshot of things to come for Burnett. Carol’s wedding anniversary sketch with Mostel points to future marital angst

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