4 in 1 Latin Romance – 4 Movie Collection

4 Stories of Passion and Love! Cuatro Veces la Pasión y Amor!LIVING IT UP – Spanish, Dolby 2.0 (English Subtitles)Salma Hayek, Carmelo Gomez, Tito ValverdeSexy Lola (Hayek) is a waitress down on her luck until she meets handsome, charming Martin (Gomez), who happens to be a big-spending millionaire… or is he? While the two indulge in a storybook romance complete with extravagant dinners, hundreds of roses and a champagne-filled swimming pool, the clock is ticking on Martin’s million-dollar debt to the mob. And just as Martin realizes his deep love for Lola, she reveals a dark secret of her own. The final question is will this spicy fairy tale have a happy ending?I LIKE IT LIKE THAT – English, Dolby 2.0Lauren Vélez, Jon Seda, Rita

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